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Sheila Quispe - Club President
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President Sheila

Club President Sheila has grown the club to enormous heights. Being brought up in a soccer environment in Peru and the love for Alianza Lima and their colors was a major contributor for the creation of Alianza Futsal. She has earned a coaching license in the National Soccer Federation. She has degrees in Business, Psychology and Medical Field. She runs this club like a big family and the success shows how passionate she is for the club. 

Coach Paulo
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Coach Paulo

Coach Paulo is currently coaching most of the divisions in the academy. He has led the team to national and international success with his philosophy of hard work and technical awareness. Coming to the US at the age of 14, he played soccer in HS, in which he became the top scorer of the division being a centre back. Highly known in the NYC local indoor scene, he is remembered by his flair and shooting.

Coach Joey
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Coach Joey

Coach Joey is the current captain of the Alianza Futsal adult team and has been in the academy since the beginning. Being one of the standouts for his hard work and hard determination. This has earned him call up from the US Men’s National Futsal Team. Being part and being the captain of the historic team that won the 2019 World Futsal Cup for Alianza, Joel has made many friendships across the globe! His style influences the new generation with a pure love for the sport.

Coach Alex | Goleiro Coach & Media Manager
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Coach Alex

Coach Alex is the club's goalkeeper coach and has been taught by Coach Marcos in special Goleiro coaching. Also coming from a goalkeeper background as well. Alex is also in charge of the social media for the club. He is in charge of the pictures and videos for the club. He oversees  all media aspects and keeps the club looking professional.

Marcos - Technical Director
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Coach Marcos

Coach Marcos is also a Coach for Fluminense FC in Brazil for the U-13 squad. Coach Marcos has helped Alianza reach new heights together with Coach Paulo. Helping Alianza become World Cup Futsal champions and helping the club become the first American club to win this competition in the Juvenil Level. Currently residing in brazil but always communicating with the Alianza members and coaching Via live video.

Vivanane - Brasil Director Communication
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Director Vivianne

Vivianne and President Sheila are responsible for the team's international success! With a plan made by the two, to have Alianza grow as an academy. Having both players from the USA and Brazil represent the club has led the club to big success. Vivianne serves as a scout for Alianza within Brasil! Her son who has captained the cadete category of Alianza has recently been signed for Corinthians SC! Also married to coach Marcos!

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Coach Joel

Coach Joel has been with the club for the
past 3 years, in which he started as a player for the local team. He was introduced to futsal and quickly learned the basics. He helps the other coaches in introducing the new academy player to futsal. Coach Joel has played for FC Barcelona Academy in California and
played competitive college soccer, even named MVP for his college.


Coach Juancho

Coach Juancho began with the club as an academy player for the past 6 years. He is still an active player for the U23 team. Being born in Colombia, coach Juancho has experience playing small-sided games from a young age which adds to knowledge in futsal. He currently coaches the youth academy, introducing them to futsal. Coach Juancho also is playing at a competitive college level.

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